theprofaneangel (theprofaneangel) wrote in carole_and_co,

"Chasing Carole" A small review...

Hi all, first I want to thank vp for all his great stories, photos & all on Lombard, I vist often to read all the new & exciting news & things I didn't know about-thanks to you vp, Im learning more & more on this great lady!
Well I rec'd my book on Monday, after doing some things around the house, I was able to finally sit & relax & get to the book! Well  to put it this way...I read all through the day & into the night, I was very deep into & couldn't put it down, except for the occasional visit to the fridge to get my can of Coke-which was also one of Carole's favorites! I had got so lost into the book, it was 11pm!  I am enjoying this & find it to be a "different" look into Carole's life & find the story line to be very moving & as it says on the back of the book, as close as you can get to know the  real Carole" we all knew & loved & still love. Authentic Lombard! If you are looking for a good read this Spring, go pick up this book & enjoy the beautiful sunshine & see Carole & "get to know her!" Im sure you will not be disappointed. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am right now! I give it 5 stars*****

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