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Carole and Cary rule Radio City 'In Name Only'

A hypothetical question: If you could team Carole Lombard and Cary Grant to co-star in only one film, would you retain their romantic drama "In Name Only"...

...or would you give that up and have Cary and Carole as leads in the genre they're arguably most associated with, the romantic comedy? We can't guarantee their comic teaming would result in a four-star smash -- so many other factors come into play (script, director, studio style, etc.) -- but I sense many of us would make that deal.

Which is not meant to downgrade "In Name Only," well-made for its genre. Kay Francis is superb as the married "other woman," John Cromwell directs admirably, and the plot is serious but never lachrymose.

The film premiered in mid-August 1939, weeks before war broke in Europe, and an item from that film has surfaced on eBay:

Radio City Music Hall had hosted Lombard films in the past (https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/275026.html), and now she was back at the fabled midtown Manhattan venue. But before audiences saw her, they were treated to this:

Finally, the main event:

The program is $10, or you can make an offer. Find out more at https://www.ebay.com/itm/1939-Radio-City-Music-Hall-Program-In-Name-Only-Cary-Grant-Carole-Lombard/333252923486?hash=item4d976c105e&enc=AQADAAAC4FjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVH9fB0XFZ4Ho78Yi1KsfBVd4Ef8dFOxu6wfyUytUgQoKeyA%2FDLlzYfU59C8ykWohKSaHkWmh2yA8g0J6tposJ%2BZDQZgfX3PWUqg2eTIEzhWFkxXCTbaRySex43UPkZb7eGymDWYW%2BdIJkNnF%2FOvnJeEcMY4aHTzFPTa5xyCyn0ttVlhPRbGl6GQc5cA%2FFZqnx4zb8LPZwBgtp54rPnAxFMrFydf7HBLDW3LXK%2Bjys59MK3jDrAJZkvQFyRCIMqI9jzFbteHI4HXzDQhqUOo7CQZERGsZ8T9vZcp17Em3YlhRgDn1LQOok7TIDprTRrg1gBCGAc2wqYiuE5gHd7a8DkAh%2FRs7OwnQByy27yFgomWWqZXeLEV6omO%2BwTmYSG3iS%2FbebNcR2uWX1NiFm3eDroS0PpB2dafuLVpHLxujYPVPHLjfp7%2BbCqoBk%2BNcN9eNfObO4Hn1EitN%2BR6cdmGGl5SiC0fe4j8UyjhY1VvWLzrnpAwX8oM59VnGhSC7y%2BM3QTCxuByzSQ9pSdBINfNBaDU8E0fZZXO2JREowdxxopYF7kfgeybfElJXK%2BsSioHv3gUtdEWBZyl96vYkANHLC7M0c6eVMN%2F4v533MaezKDMlba5QugHjG545y%2FRyWGp8jaxBpnG4VUDVz9%2FlCzRM%2Fq1jVbiN83BXkpFgzTr9KReS83rR2FPJN6MNCu%2FZnFzqR0J2QRaw3RqCTn49BZ2LTSA3w6nlcexXOggBhZslUPjwrmAmiDcYoeK9HMCQvlGkpj0e5O0HbCuK4hNKNp7UHcff7dr1IwJNZF%2FbWWGMrQ1QM4G5EALoIuJL6hXisny%2F2SHIELJes%2FHEFWapcykvKi059iSrxGsLEfMO54Klc8oKnLqJXRBiGhPo2qiR4urDKwlSzZrRyUwGRhtRLInnQjmwMhlEUoGeyowT4lcS0ZKs%3D&checksum=333252923486366ec561dabd42c0ae73d311066e6727

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