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Lombard by Richee, richly done

Paramount's Eugene Robert Richee took a back seat to no photographer when it came to capturing Carole Lombard's eroticism; proof is shown above in that promotional still for 1933's "White Woman." (OK, William E. Thomas at Pathe was a bit more blatant about it with his portraits of a younger Carole.) But just like Thomas, Richee also successfully pictured Lombard in more sublime poses. One is shown below:

This was part of the huge memorabilia collection of Hugh Pickett (1913-2006), who knew many of his collectibles' subjects.

Pickett was Marlene Dietrich's business manager for 12 years, helped Nat King Cole break the color barrier at several hotels and promoted Rolling Stones concerts.

The picture itself is 10 3/4" x 12"; with the border, it measures 13" x 16". It's a vintage original in good shape.

Bids open at $4.99, with the auction scheduled to close at 8:56 p.m. (Eastern) net Monday. Want to get in on it? Then go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Original-Photo-Sexy-Carole-Lombard-Museum-Find-Rare-Eugene-Robert-Richee/323843165856?hash=item4b668e8ea0:g:bTcAAOSwmd1dBZfs.

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